Nail Technician Course


ETI was probably the first private training centre for nail technicians in Manchester, in fact many of the other schools in the area are run by ex-graduates of ours.

Our training has evolved and now includes teaching methods and products that many of our competitors have yet to embrace.

"Enjoyed the course very much. Hazel was excellent and certainly knows her stuff. Plenty of literature to help with the course and very good one to one tuition."

Yvonne Gleave,
Northwich Cheshire

Our acrylic system gently enhances the clients nails. Gone are the drills, smells and facemasks of yesterdays' "industrial" type nail bars. Now you and your clients can relax and enjoy the treatments.

We have progressed from classroom based nail courses into home-study, on-line and classroom multi-environments to produce a learning experience that is both fun and informative.

"So four months on, I have now given up my part time job, and I am working for my self. I love the freedom that the course has given me. "

Jenny Matthias,
Fantastic Fingernails

You study at home initially before attending a two day class that's held on a weekend for convenience. Our maximum class size is six, and there are two teachers. You work on each other in pairs so student-to-teacher one-on-one time is far better than you'd normally receive.

After the class we like you to complete easy fill on-line case study forms so we can offer support should you need it.

If you want to become a successful Nail Technician, and have fun doing it, then take a look at the industry recognised courses we have to offer.

Nail Technician Course

A beginners guide to courses

Will I Make A Good Nail Technician?

If you are hard working and sociable then you have an excellent chance. A course gets you started, what you do next defines your future.

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To become a good nail technician practise is essential, and lots of it. The more you practise the easier it becomes, like learning to drive.

To have appeal you have to stay in front of the industry, always aware of new fads, fashions and innovations and able to offer the latest products and services.

To have lasting clients it helps to be sociable and amicable. Clients often use their nail tech as a confidant, so if you are friendly, discrete and supportive they will love chatting with you. A large part of the job is personality.

What are Accredited Courses?

It is important your certificate is industry recognised so you can obtain full business insurance. However, the relevance of accreditation has been somewhat diluted over the last few years.

Accreditation used to mean that your teacher held good teaching qualifications and had reasonable experience in their field of expertise.

Now a person who passed an accredited short course just six months ago can offer accredited nail courses after a week's PTLLS training, (That's a preparation for teaching course) as long as they pay accreditation fees. That's why there has been an explosion in the number of courses available recently.

It's best to check on your teachers qualifications and experience before you pay any money, regardless of accreditation..

Nail Technician Course

Class or Home Based?

It's almost universally accepted that any practical course needs a classroom element, particularly for beginners. Home study is great for some background and advanced knowledge but can't instantly resolve any practical issues you may have and it's hard to break bad habits you fell into because no one was there to help.

Free or Paid For?

Some nail courses are heralded as free as long as you buy the kit. Unfortunately the kit is usually expensive enough to cover the cost of the one short day of training you usually receive and support for a "FREE" nail course may not be great.

Should I Learn All Systems?

Nail courses that try to teach several systems at once can run into time constraints. It is better to learn one system properly than several systems partially. You need to be shown treatments in small steps and then be observed and guided as you repeat each step.

Once you can apply one system professionaly it is so much easier to learn another and manufacturers often run inexpensive product courses for experienced nail technicians.

I'm Not Sure What Some Courses Offer

If you can't work out how much a course is or what training you receive then it probably isn't worth considering. Check out the total price of any nail course and if it includes VAT, if the kit is extra, whether you need a separate manicure certificate and if on-going support is included in the price.

Some companies charge up to £50 an hour for extra one-on-one training after their course. and some kits are so small you'll be adding to them straight away. Look out for hidden costs.

Nail Technician Course

Are Nail Forums Good?

They can be an excellent place to pick up information, but don't always believe everything you read. There are sites run by nail companies who say they are independent. They host an awful lot of posts that appear to be extremely complimentary about their own training and products and cuttingly critical of anyone else's.

These PR attacks are very prevalent in the USA where they are seen as a good business weapon, unfortunately they have been imported here. You'll recognise the sites when you are on them.

Can I Mix Training and Products?

It is never a good idea to train with one company and immediately use another's products. They usually handle very differently causing you all sorts of problems, costing time and money. It is always best to use the products offered by the company you train with until you are comfortable with the handling and application, then consider trying other products.

Is a Short Course Right For Me?

With a little common sense and a little reading between the lines you can usually work out what you are being offered and for how much. The decision is then up to you.

If your English is poor or you have significant learning difficulties it may be hard for you to keep up with a short course. In that case you may wish to consider attending a state college where courses are slower paced and student support more comprehensive. Nail Technician Course

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